Before contacting the site, here are some frequently asked questions & answers.

� Is her Official Website? Is Barbara Eden herself involved in the workings of this website?

YES, this site is the ONLY official website for Barbara Eden. This site including the affiliated Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Myspace pages are the ONLY official pages for Barbara on the internet and are linked to from this site and officially endorsed and verified. No other websites anywhere are approved, affiliated or endorsed by Barbara Eden regardless of their claims or statements.

Ms. Eden has approved of the design elements of this site and the content. Ms. Eden regularly approves of photography, confirms information or facts posted and provides material, news and appearance information for the site and associated Social Media profiles.

� How do I receive a personalized autograph from Barbara Eden?

Please visit to view a wide selection of materials available for autographing and personalization. Please understand that due to Ms. Eden's busy personal and professional schedule, all autograph inquiries not handled through will be returned.

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� Does Barbara have an Official Fan Club?

YES. More information on Barbara Eden's Official Fan Club, including details and memberships can be found by visiting

� Why are all of the photos in the gallery covered by a watermark?

The photography on this site is not available for free use to the general public. It's purpose is to represent Miss Eden and her career, accomplishments and personality. Because of the ability to create tangible materials, which can then be sold for profit, watermarks protect Miss Eden's likeness and image from being misused.

� May I contribute to this site?

Material contributions (photography, audio, video literature) to are welcomed. However because this site is Official, all materials must be approved by Miss Eden. Because of this, some materials submitted may not be included for a variety of reasons. Also, because of copyrights any photography, audio or video that is submitted must be submitted by the individual who created the original material. By submitting material for use on this site you release and grant all rights for use in perpetuity to   Click here.

� I'm writing a paper about Barbara Eden / working on a Barbara Eden project, is the text and material on this site available for use?

A majority of the text documentation is copyright to Because of this, use of any media or text from this site requires a written consent form from the webmaster as well as a reference and or tag, link or directional credit to this site.

� Do you have a mailing list?

At the present time only has an official mailing list for fanclub and merchandise updates.

� Do you recommend any other Barbara Eden websites?

Because is the Official Site for Barbara Eden, all material provided, including links must be approved by Miss Eden. Because of the unpredictable nature and often incorrect material provided on the internet there are no site recommendations besides this Official web site.

� Can I get a high resolution picture without a watermark from this site?

No. The photographic materials on are not available for personal use. This site has a vast archive of photography of Miss Eden available and the designer has provided material for a variety of documentaries, television interviews and news sources. For more information regarding this subject, contact the site.